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Here is my big take aways from my first trip out after elk.

1. Elk are loud in the woods. So you can be too. When your off the trail and busting brush there is no need to go all ninja. If you crack a large limb on accident send out a cow call.
2. If you start talking to cows, mimic their calls. Move towards them and break some brush along the way.
3. Bow hunting is easier in pairs. Caller and shooter. If your getting into elk the caller should drop back aways behind the shooter and not be afraid to move laterally to steer elk in.
4. Pay attention to the thermals in the mountains. They shift as it heats up and cools down and they often swirl as the shift happens.

I know this stuff is old hat to the experienced but sometime you gotta learn the hard way and when your used to shooting whitetails in Texas you gotta un learn some stuff.
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