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Here is a tip learned from a fellow deer breeder. This was instituted after a pack of coyotes tunneled under a predator apron (as described above) and got into the breeder pens. I am sure you can imagine the damage they can do in a pen.

Revenge was desired in a bad way. They were prepared to poison, shoot from helicopters, you name it..... It was advised to do the following and it works great.

Go to Walmart and buy about 20 of the 2x18x18 foam seat cushions. Just the replacement foam

Cut it into 3x3 or 3x4 squares.

Melt some good old fashion Manteca in a pot. More is better

Soak up all the Manteca with the foam squares

Put 3 or 4 squares at each crossing under the fence

Coyotes will eat the foam and then plug up

The coyotes will clean up the bait quickly and the results happen fast.

No evidence of collateral targets. Just watch your own pets if they are out.
Trying this thanks
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