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Originally Posted by westtexducks View Post
So your saying you would rather see the status quo and continue to pay higher taxes just to stick it to the corporations because you would rather assume they will not spend money here? Trickle down economics works if we let, and we haven't attempted to let it work in years. We have had so many corporations leave in the last 20 years solely due to our ridiculously high corporate taxes it is crazy not to think that this wont help retain the ones that left and potentially bring some of them back. Look at Burger King for example.

Great reading for you and it is even from the Communist News Network which tells you something when they are even willing to admit our tax rate chases away business.
Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
Ok. So what is your solution?
I'm saying I'd rather see the Republican party grow some stones and return to it's fiscal conservative-ness of know, low tax AND low spend. A big problem is the Federal Government has gotten so bloated and such a large percentage of Americans' jobs & income are either directly (military, civil servants, entitlement programs [admins and recipients], etc.) or indirectly (federal contractors, regulators, etc.) tied to Government spending that as soon as a member of Congress starts talking about cutting services & spending everyone goes into job preservation mode, starts pointing fingers at everyone else and that Congress-person is hung out to dry. This is why the Republican party has dropped the low spend part of their platform and adopted the mantra of supply-side economics & trickle down theory.

There are a few "sacred cows" that members of Congress have learned not to touch if they want to have a prayer of becoming re-elected...defense spending (personnel and equipment), medicare/medicaid, other entitlement programs, and the existence/size/scope of every 3-letter agency under the federal umbrella. We need to face the hard reality that there will be an uptick in unemployment if we want to reduce the size of Government and there are a lot of people who are going to lose their jobs and lose federal income...and yes, that includes me! What I do know is that we can't continue to lower taxes on a hope and prayer that businesses will do the right things and grow our economy to make up for the shortfall in taxes...because it's a huge gamble and if it doesn't pay off we're just further increasing the deficit burden left for younger generations to deal with (like myself).

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