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Originally Posted by JonBoy View Post
You're exactly right...but they won't necessarily buy and invest here. Why hire production labor at $30/hr when you can get the same labor at 1/10th the cost overseas (or better yet replace that labor altogether with automation)? Same goes for equipment & production/factory real estate. I'm not saying businesses won't invest but just because their taxes are cheaper doesn't mean they're going to take that money and pour it back into the U.S. economy. They will reinvest in whatever maximizes their revenue and profit margins...and many times that doesn't mean buying American.
So your saying you would rather see the status quo and continue to pay higher taxes just to stick it to the corporations because you would rather assume they will not spend money here? Trickle down economics works if we let, and we haven't attempted to let it work in years. We have had so many corporations leave in the last 20 years solely due to our ridiculously high corporate taxes it is crazy not to think that this wont help retain the ones that left and potentially bring some of them back. Look at Burger King for example.

Great reading for you and it is even from the Communist News Network which tells you something when they are even willing to admit our tax rate chases away business.
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