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Originally Posted by SaltwaterSlick View Post
Yep, I'm waiting for the detials... My company Is a Sub:C so IF I make any money this next year, I'll get to keep more of it... And with that and the anticipated growth I'm forecasting, at least I'll be able to budget for it... That'll mean more people, more inventory, more equipment... All of which generate revenue for my company, but also will generate more tax revenue for the gubment... More people to pay income tax, more inventory for our county and school district to tax me on, more equipment which will also generate more taxable personal property of the business... Yes, hopefully, my company will make more money, but the gubment will still get more too... In a nutshell, that's how it's supposed to work... The libtard's way that the DemoKrauts want is just to keep taking more and more from my company until I give up and send everybody home... That puts more people on the gubment dole, more gubment medical care, more money needed by the gubment... sooner or later they'll run out of other people's money... That's how the Dem's system works...
Bingo!!! Subchapter C over here also Charlie . (-;
I gotta have specific details quickly to make the right moves. Got alot at stake thus not going to count my chickens until they hatch!!! So far I am very hopeful. Would like to increase from 31 employees to 40 if it makes sense.

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