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Originally Posted by JonBoy View Post
I'm all for a tax cut, so long as there's an equal spending cut to go along with it...problem is there isn't and this just further increases our federal deficit. I'll probably end up slightly ahead on this but I'd really like to see a pairing down in government spending across the board.
In for the WIN! You definitely caught the part where our spending/debt had already exploded with the last two administrations .......and....will continue based on the projections.
The casino bet is that our economy can generate enough cash to carry both sides of the accounting ledger. I for one really truly hope it is a winning bet!!! (even though a flat tax type of system is much cleaner) Everything changes financially and socially when the economy is running on all cylinders.
It appears I "may" come out ahead as a individual with a small business also, but right now my CPA is as confused as everybody discussing potential details. Details are FEW and that is where the rubber meets the road.
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