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Originally Posted by TWarren View Post
I've already purchased a how-to book because of this thread but I assumed you had a construction background already. Are you saying you built your house and now this one from book knowledge and ingenuity? That's impressive.
No construction background other than trim work for a couple years out of high school. I did take woodshop in for 4 yrs and built a couple really nice deer stands. Was in a woodworking book my senior year for a 4x8 deer blind that looked like a cabin on the inside.

The book I built my house from had EVERYTHING in it. Foundation, framing, different styles of roofing, electrical, plumbing, septic, decking, basement, so on and so on. It was very detailed how to. I want to say it was called something along the lines of Complete Contractors Kit. I have googled and can't seem to find it. My FIL who gave it to me says it was a college course book.

I'm always up for a challenge and projects like this are very satisfying when completed!
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