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Originally Posted by forest-hunter View Post
what method did you do for the euro? (Looks clean)I know some people go through a lot of effort but the skulls I find in the forest look ready to hang on a plaque.
I skinned the head, cut off the ears and eyes, took off as much meat as I could before boiling the head. Boil the head till the remaining meat and tendons start to split. Take the head out, use pliers to pull the top and bottom teeth and tusks (exclude molars and premolars). Pull the sinus out (keep snout on to pull it all out at once ) then wash with decent pressure from hose. Boil again with regular water if needed. After all meat is off and brain is out, boil in 40%peroxide 60%water until white enough for your liking. Then paint mop and glo on skull to keep it sealed and from catching dust.

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