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he's not going to get off Twitter ... WHY ? he gets his message across, and sticks it to the media in the process, because they try to screw him over time and time again ... you can edit someone's conversation , move it all around and make some one look like an idiot ... or only show the public the pieces you want ... with twitter , it's him saying what he wants .... unaltered ... so keep on tweeting ... i really don't care .... the media is full of crap and have their own agenda....

and as far as North Korea , Trump is doing the right thing ... quit putting America in the middle of someone else's fight they don't want to fight themselves ... he is putting America first in his decisions ... more people hate us for sticking our nose in everyone else's business than not ...

look at Europe and the UK ... all the crime , the undocumented refugees killing the economy and the countries they invade ... Nice to see he is trying to stop it here....

and i'm so sick of hearing Trump is a hater and he hates immigrants ... f-ing media !!! All he said was "illegal immigrants " but all they publish is the half they want to hear to put america in chaos ... keep on Tweeting mr Trump !!!!!
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