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Originally Posted by Rcole1310 View Post
Things he can do:
1) GET OFF OF TWITTER!! He looks like a petty moron and tends to be wrong quite a bit on his tweets.
2) Stop fighting battles that DON'T matter (crowd size, illegal voting).
3)He sounds like he's clueless when he speaks on a subject "it's gonna be great folks, believe me". Just BE Quiet and do what you say you're going to do.

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I agree with most of this.
But Twitter did help him get elected and it is a way to fight media. But he is president now and I wish he'd hold more of his cards. He said he didn't like telling people before he went to war, so hold your hand and then throw it all out when you can win. I kind of think he pulls the media in, with his tweets, to focus on one thing when he's trying to accomplish something else.

In my opinion if you didn't vote you gave up your rights to complain for 4yrs.
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