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Originally Posted by enewman View Post
Yes you are correct with your numbers. A lot of people think when you tell them I'm shooting a 600 gn arrow they think man you got lots of kinetic. But in all reality kinetic very seldom changes more then just a little from where you would have been say at 350 gn arrow. But momentum is what gains.

I shot some arrows a while back. Shot a 318 gn it was 74 ke. 429 gn 78 ke. 554 gn 79 ke 603 gn 80 ke 694 gn 81 ke. So as you can see ke did not change much. But the 318 gn was .457 momentum the 694 gn was. .711. Now that is a gain.

So to your question. No. Not shooting same bow at same poundage.

Once you get your set up. What ever that ke is will be roughly the same unless you can speed up that arrow. That's more poundage
KE didn't increase in a linear fashion because velocity is squared in the formula. Logic (and basic physics) dictate that a increase in projectile weight will be accompanied by a proportional decrease in velocity all other things being constant(which they are I assume). You can't compare the two, the math is simply too different. I agree with what you are saying in principal but there is no mystery to the equation, it's basic math.
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