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Shouldn't be that hard at all by trial and error. Just get some known-weight field tips or inserts and rubber-band them to the tip of your arrow and find the balance point. Then measure to get difference of midpoint length to balance point and put numbers into FOC calculator online. Simply add or subtract weights to the end in order to dial in FOC desired. Using this method, I took arrows from a little over 400 grains total weight, with about 11 % FOC up to 680 grains, with 29 % FOC. After figuring how much tip weight was necessary, simply ordered inserts and tips to total that amount (100-gr. brass insert with 75-gr. adapter for 225-gr. Tuffhead broadhead). May want to read Ashby reports on benefits of heavy arrows with high FOC %. BTW, Colorado's parks and wildlife depts' elk university website now features an article on the benefits of heavy arrows and high FOC for penetration. Shot placement is certainly critical, but animals move and arrows may have to penetrate bone for a clean kill. No such thing as too much penetration in either case (flesh only vs. bone hit).

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