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Originally Posted by stinkbelly View Post
What animal digs the corner of the trap up? I have had that happen twice this week. Two different traps.

I also lost one Thursday night. A chunk of dirt got between the jaws and it didn't close all the way. It was an offset, so it doesn't close all the way to begin with.
As said, this is usually caused by the trap moving in the bed. Get you some polyfil (pillow stuffing) at Walmart or somewhere cheap, to put under the pan. When you dig the trap bed make the wall straight as possible (not sloping) sift dirt over entire trap, brush enough dirt back to expose the pan, then press dirt in solid around out side of trap, until trap will not move when you press on it at any point. Sift and blend dirt to cover pan.
This is probably the most important part of making a set, if the location is good.
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