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Originally Posted by bigdawg View Post
Back in December I was experiencing numbness in my right hand pinky and next finger. I went to the chiropractor on some advise that it might be a pinched nerve. I got adjusted several times and it just got worse, went to the other hand and up to both elbows. Then numbness and tingling in my legs and feet. The Chiropractor sent me for an MRI where they did see a bulging disc which wasn't really too bad. I went ahead and went to my Dr. and she sent me for a full MRI (1.5 hours in the tube). It turns out I have a mass in my spinal cord that they will be treating very shortly. I highly suggest you get an MRI to know exactly what you have and are not guessing. You nerves flow through you spine and your spine is nothing to play with, It runs the whole show.

My mass is Exactly where you show Green.
Ooof thatís not what i want to hear...
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