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Originally Posted by Outdoor Legacy View Post
Jon, I haven't gotten to use one yet but I'll just be's been hard for me to jump on the clip-on bandwagon. To be honest, I don't even think there is a The popularity just isn't there and for a lot of good reasons. I think the new Pulsar are nice and for the price I think they are good option for what you described but clip-on has always just made a rifle feel to big, clucky and out of balance. Again, there is a place for it but you need to have a rifle/scope combo that you really like and can't hunt without. For the same money you could buy a new Photon RT and another cheap AR or bolt gun.

So again, I'm not against them, although it sounds like it. I just need a customer to convince me he HAS to use his rifle/scope combo at night before I can tell him it's a good purchase. You just get a lot more bang for your buck buying a dedicated scope vs clip-on NV.

Just my 2 cents!

- Jason
Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it!
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