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Charlie, I am duly enpressed with your writing skills. I am pleased and honored that Zach and I were able to cobble together some little pieces of wood, fiberglass and glue that would bring so many hunters together. It has been a wonderful pleasure to read and watch what this little bow has done to instill the pleasure of bowhunting in so many folks. Some I know personally and some just from this green screen. These are the things that let me fall into a peasefull sleep at night. These are the things that make all the fiberglass splinters and dust and glue stained hands worth it.

I can only thank the good Lord for the talents He blessed me with and the help I received from one or two other bowyers back in the early days of my bow making days for the chance to hack out and try to master the products that Zach and I are producing today.

This endeaver is not done for the money, altho it does seem to manage to pay the bills, but for the satisfaction I see in every face of every customer that comes to pick up a bow, ordered or off the shelf. The big silly grins are worth more than money. They are what make me tick. They are what make me get up out of bed each morning with a bit of a clip for an old guy like me. They are what make me want to finish that second cup of coffee and walk out to the bow shop, to do what I love to do. Make a bow.
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