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Hunt In: the stand w/Hayley Bug

(2)This is My Story (con't) I am Married to my wife Mary and we have 4 children/grandchildren....Hayley (Hayley Bug) on TBH, Emaly, Malorie, and Mark Jr. They are 13, 10,9,and 8 years of age. They all shoot Bob Sarrels Longbows, just in case you haven't seen any of the AFC PARIS albums on FB here.....
I had just returned home from a long but AWESOME day @ Archers For Christ Paris, Texas. It was a regular club 3-D tournament day. I pulled into the driveway as the mail man was dropping of a short square box. I was hoping that it was my BHTA (Bounty Hunter Traditional Arrows) that had been on order for 6 months.....forever and then some (Hi Derek). When I got to the porch the mailman asked what it was, I told Him that I hoped it was my new arrows, But IT WAS So MUCH MORE! SACAGEWEA had finally landed in Paris, Texas. The mailman asked if help me open it up so that he could see what was inside and I could start taking pics and then post them to the would be followers of the Trad way on TBH. The box was resting against my front door, it was Pristine looking, and the box was calling my name. I threw the mail man my phone and started tearing open the tape to get to the treasure inside. I finally got all the tape out of the way and was able to gently slide the contents from the inside of the box onto the porch. as the Predator camo case cleared the box and touched its resting place on the now opened box, the Mailman gasped with excitement at the goodness we both longed to see.
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