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If you broke down the election in segments of red vs blue, only two states that were considered blue were turned to red, Michigan, and Penn. From what I read that's because of voter turn out, or the lack of fraudulent votes (by the dems). I tend to lean to the latter. Of course we won't ever know how much fraudulent votes were cast in CA or NY for that matter. As for cleaning house with respect to the intelligence community, good luck. The feds have recruited from the harvards and yales supposedly bc there are more intelligent people going to school there. But one forgets just how liberal these schools have become. So our federal intelligence community is inundated with liberal ideologues, if not down right communistic (think bho). We won't be able to truly clean house for years to come. As for the russians trying to influence the about the US media blatantly trying to influence the election for kilary. Why isn't that a concern for anyone? What's concerning is that they did it openly, and no one said or did a **** thing! Thank God Trump won! God bless America!
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