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Originally Posted by TxnRunner View Post
I think it's more about letting bucks mature, don't worry about your buck I don't think anybody's throwing stones. That's a nice buck and looks to be pretty mature. I passed on two Bucks last year that were 13 in but only about two and a half years old, from some of the Bucks I had on cam I can tell you there's some trophy potential in those deer out there. Both of those bucks that I passed on were shot in the same week that I saw them. Doesn't really get under my skin though, I'm sure they made someone very happy.

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I didn't take it that you were throwing stones, just saying some guys have never had the chance of shooting a legal buck so they will shoot first one they see just because they've never seen or had the chance to shoot one before. Thanks! He was definitely pretty mature. I'll be pickier with my next one, I have no desire to shoot one smaller than this one was.
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