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I've always thought the Hustler was the best gas ztr out there til I bought a Scag.
Far,and away the easiest to service,and clean.Everything on it is easy to get to.You're not gonna get it for $5-6k though.
Kubota diesel is the one that will outlast you,and I don't care how old you are.(couldn't give me a gas Kubota,and yes there's such a thing)It cut so bad,I thought the blades were on upside down.
Unless they've made major changes,Toro/Exmark will flat beat you to death.It has something to do with the weight distribution.I can mow with 2 flats on the front with a Scag,and still make a decent cut.
I'd buy another Hustler though,and they're a quite a bit cheaper in comparable models.When I say I've had em all,I ain't joking..If it weren't for fire ant bed's,and pecan twig's I'd like to have another Walker mower.Prettiest cut you ever saw!
Dixon may be an option also.I had a Dixon Grizzly specifically for one neighborhood.That was kind of their commercial mower,but it was right at 7k 5yrs ago.But it was still lighter than most commercial mowers,which I needed.Good luck.They're all solid machines for the most part.

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