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Originally Posted by systemnt View Post
looks like we're making a run at gulf shores this season...
I have never been.. .and want to get a house/condo on the beach or across the street from the beach... but dont want to be a hundred miles from the parks they play at either..(orange/gulfshores)

any recommendations?
Like Chad said, VRBO. We went for 8u and stayed at the gulf shores surf and racquet club, it was about what I expected for the price, which wasn't bad at all. It's across the street from the beach and has a "private" area of the beach for people staying there. I would do it again, but I'm also one that can't spend big money on a really nice place.

We really weren't there very much, with games everyday and going out to the beach and out to eat etc...

Some of our parents all stayed together in a big house on the beach and it was super nice.

We played our games in Foley, about 20mins away, and the complex sucked. Fields were decent, not nearly what we expected, and had ZERO shade.

Originally Posted by jer_james View Post
Im afraid to mess with the glove I won - Dont want to screw it up.

Picked up a couple of players. Had cage work and the kiddo looks great.

Have any of yall had experience with kiddos moving from AAA to Majors?

Did yall wait on the team to move up? Or did you try out for a Majors level team?
We stayed on our team and waited to move up, mainly because we started the team in 8u and partly because it's local and I don't want to drive to north Dallas or Plano/ Frisco to play. We got moved to majors about halfway through the spring of 9u. It's definitely a big jump.

We played a lot of open tourneys and majors teams before we got bumped, I've gone over our record before but we were 12-0 against AAA teams 5-16 against majors teams.

We have closed the gap for sure, I still think we are right under the top tier (2 or 3 teams locally) of majors teams, but we added 3 players this spring that should give us a good push.

Here was our 9u USSSA page, although we played a few more tournaments with travel sports that aren't on there.
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