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I was wrong, it is the Lost Mine Trail and not the Old Mine trail, that is a very cool trail to take. Many of these photos were from the Lost Mine trail, with my wife and daughter, from our last trip out there. The first trip out there, it was just my wife and I. There are some pictures from our first trip in there also. I probably have 900 pictures from both trips.

My wife, daughter and I climbed to the top of the mountain that the Lost Mine Trail goes up, very beautiful view. While we were up there, there was a small storm that blew in, we got to watch the rain going across the mountains, then the lightning from up on top of that mountain sounded very cool. We got rained on a little, but no big deal. Then there is some from The Window, from the first trip and the second trip. Then some from the Old Maverick Trail, Luna's Jacal, Chisos Mountains, Santa Elena Canyon. Then some critters.

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