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I hope you are going to spend at least a week out there, or you won't get to see much of any of one of the two places. We have been to Big Bend National park twice, spent a week the first time, then went back and spent about four days the second time. We have seen less than a 1/4 of Big Bend National park, have not seen any of Big Bend State Park. You have to go see Chisos Basin. take as many hiking trails a possible. Make sure you hike all the way to the end of the Old Mmine Trail, then go down to the window and hope it has rained a good bit before you go. I hear the spring time is the best time to go. We have only been in the summer. It's still beautiful.

On our first trip, I could not help myself, I went down just about every trail I could find. Most were listed as 4X4 only trails. I took our Taurus rental car down probably 30 miles of 4X4 trails, it never left us stranded. Probably a bit of luck. That was on our first trip out there. The bears seem to mostly hang out around the Chisos mountains. They seem to come down out of the mountains, late evening and at night and go out in the desert at night looking for food. They eat a lot of prickly pear pears, you will see sign everywhere, when you figure out where they are eating at.

There are mountain lions, black bears and some of the black bears are a lot bigger than you would think would live in the desert. The last black bear we saw out there, I thought was a half grown calf that was lost, but it was a black bear making it's way across the desert. It has just come down out of the Chisos Mountains. You likely won't see much of any wildlife during the middle of the day, but as the sun starts to go down, critters will pop up from everywhere. Lots of mule deer, quite a few whitetail, foxes, coyotes, jack rabbits. We saw many covey of quail, bobwhite, blues and we saw at least one covey of the Montezuma Quail.

There are bugs out there that are very cool looking, crickets that are bright yellow and black. Then lizards that are brightly colored. We saw a lot of bugs that were very different than anything I have ever seen in my life. One night, we had a whip scorpion in our camp, those things are huge. There is another name people call them. If you look them up, they are pretty interesting bugs. They live for something like 20 years, they are very big and look like they would do a lot of damage, but supposedly, they are mostly harmless.

There are many waterfalls all over the place. On our first trip out there, when I went down those 4X4 trails. We found many dry creeks, that had water falls. We would find that the rocks at the base of the water falls and the creek beds of each creek, were different pastel colors. Some had a pink tint, some had a yellow tint others had light blue tint. If the water is flowing, you probably will not notice this, but when the creeks dry up, it's pretty obvious that all of the rock, that the water has been flowing over, are stained one color. It seems to depend on what minerals the creek has flowing in it.

Going down to the Rio Grande is a must and you have to see Santa Elena Canyon, it's amazing. We were supposed to take a canoe trip down the river, but our trip got cut short. We are going back and will take the kayaks down the river and through Santa Elena Canyon.

Then a trip down the Old Maverick Trail is something you should do also. Check out Luna's Jacal. Keep your eyes out for snakes. There are all types of snakes out there you won't see in the rest of the state. I found a pink coachwhip, I have heard they come in many colors, but pink was a surprise.

There are multiple old ranch houses out there, that were built at various points in history, they are worth the trips to go check out, as many as you can. I don't remember which ones we went and looked at, but they were interesting. There was one out there, that I would love to live in. I would love to live out there, very interesting place.

There are also some old mercury mines and I think some other mines out there. I wanted to go check those out on our last trip, but it got cut short.

The restaurant at the Chisos Mt. Resort, is pretty good, worth going there to eat at least once.

If you are going out there you should go see Terlingua, check out the ghost town and the cemetery. Read as much on each as you can before you go out there. So you have a better understanding of what you are looking at. The cemetery is very interesting. The ghost town I liked more, before the hippies really got moved in. They have been there for a long time, but there seem to be multiple squatters that have decided to occupy multiple of the old buildings and then they restore or fix them up however they choose, some more original that others.

There is lot more to see, just in Big Bend National park, I don't know much about the state park, but I have been seeing pictures lately, that look very interesting.

Make sure you have at least one good spare tire, plenty of water, good jack and a shovel, if you do take off down many of the 4X4 trails. We so far have not had any problems but each trail is different.

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