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Originally Posted by jbw899 View Post
Back to the discussion about broadheads, do most people use fixed blades? Also do you all use compounds or crossbows? I usually use a compound for deer but feel like my odds would be better with a crossbow. Really want to get my first pig out of the way.
Last question (for now), when you spook pigs up is it worth it to try to follow them or do they blow out of the area completely?
Actually, most people use mechanicals, most people I see hunting anyway. Broadheads are a very personal thing; I only use fixed blade. There are pros and cons to each type and you must weigh those and make up your own mind.

I only use a "vertical" bow, no crossbows for me. But several hunters at Granger use crossbows and have great success; nothing wrong with either one as long as it is legal, safe and you are proficient with it.

Following pigs depends on the pigs. When I blow pigs I will wait and see if they stop a short distance away; sometimes they will stop within range if you haven't blown them out too hard. I will follow if they aren't running for the hills; if they are, I go find another sounder to hunt up.
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