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Originally Posted by muzzlebrake View Post
Bring back the old days when I drove to school with a 22 rifle and a 12ga on my gun rack and parked in the parking lot and left the windows down all day unless it rained. Times were different then and nearly every kid that had a pickup and a drivers license had a gun rack and some sort of firearm hanging on it. I never ever heard of anybody ever getting shot or threatened -- student or teacher. Seen a lot of fistfights and been in more than a few and it never turned to guns.
Now days it's crazy but if you can pass a background check to buy the gun then you should be able to carry it as you see fit.
Now that I can agree on! I remember taking hunters ed in the 6th grade. They brought BB guns to the school and set up targets on the playground for us to shoot. Can you imagine if they tried that now!

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