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I think the problem is much deeper. Our culture used to be more open to guns and the ownership of guns. Heck, they used to teach gun safety in schools. But now because someone said they were scared of guns we all have to be sneaky about owning or carrying a gun. That is the problem! Guns are not the problem but the fear of offending someone else's feelings is the problem. Because of this we have allowed the government to limit our rights and make us pay for the privilege to exercise our rights.

Someone posted that while in a constitutional carry state people were more polite.
I can imagine that many years ago someone in that state said they were afraid of guns, and every else just said "So" and that person realized how stupid they were and just dropped it.

This shouldn't even be a discussion.
If you don't like me or someone else exercising their constitutional rights, keep it to yourself because I don't care.

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