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I am for requiring permits for public carry. I don't think you should need one to own a gun, or have it and use it at home or on private property. But for public, I think licensing is reasonable, and not an infringement assuming it is under shall issue conditions like in our state.

Originally Posted by Fightinaggies View Post
If you have taken the class you know what a joke it is anyway
Yeah, I took the class and realized that most of the people in there NEEDED to take the class. What some people thought was justified is just plain scary.

I mean, maybe we should lower the driving age to 10, let folks vote at the age of 6. There comes a point where it is acceptable to have folks have a certain amount of life experience or schooling to be able to flex those rights in public.

So anywho... I guess my point is, I don't feel infringed upon by the CHL process in our state. I would however feel infringed upon by the CHL process of the states of California, New York, and New Jersey.
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