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Went to ocho rios on our honeymoon and was tempted to fish and just book it through the sandals resort we were staying at but wanted to see if anyone had any first hand reviews i could talk to since it was $250 a person. just so happened that the couple we were on the plane with were going to do the fishing trip the very first day they were there so i waited to book something after hearing how there trip went. They were not to impressed with the fishing that the resort offered. Hardly any fish were caught and they crew admitted to them they were fishing some areas that get fished hard. Also, they had to share the boat with three other couples so it wasnt as comfortable as they wanted to be.

On the other hand i talked to some other couples that used local guides and had a blast for a fraction of the cost. We ended up not fishing but from what i gathered from most people is that you will have a much better time and catch more fish from locals instead of getting price gouged by the resort.
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