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I'm officially on the home stretch of this, sitting 47 days out from take-off. I'm still fine-tuning my setups, but about have them settled out. My light bow I'm shooting Heritage 350s with 50gr brass insert and 175gr heads with a total weight of 635gr and shooting 176fps. I did just receive a few other setups to test out on this bow, but the current setup is shooting well so it will have to really shoot good for me to change up at this point.

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My heavy setup I'm still not 100% sure on. I've got two different setups, one being widowmaker 250s totaling 835gr and some Easton FMJ dangerous game 250s totaling 910gr, both with 300gr heads. What is crazy and I can't figure out, both setups are shooting the same speed through the chronograph (166-168fps). The only thing I can figure is the widowmaker's have pin nocks and they are really tight on my string, which may be pulling my speed down a bit. Also, they aren't 100% tuned like I'd like them to be (although close) which may take a little off as well. I did play a bit and swap heads out on the FMJ with a 375gr head and was a little star struck to see the weight of 1006gr pop up on the scale!

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On a side note, I'm still working out 4 to 5 days a week, and I've finally reached a point where it is starting to show. When I started out, my 65lb bow wore me out after a dozen or so shots. Now, I can comfortably shoot it several dozen times before it starts wearing on me. The 76lb set doesn't feel bad either, and its crazy to say but after shooting it a bit, the 65pounder feels light and I never expected to say that!!
Hopefully will have everything sorted out in a week or so and have my setups finalized! Can't wait to get back across the pond!
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