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Originally Posted by Ramball36 View Post
That was unit I past the police academy. I and II have been pretty rough this year as far as idiots and thugs...
Call the cops every time this kinda stuff happens. The ONLY way we will get it stopped is to get it all documented so the Lake Division can show city council the number of calls generated by this kind of violations. NOBODY is suppsed to be free shooting around out there for ANY reason. NOT even 2-3 rounds "sighting in" There are few hunting regs on the books for TBR at this time (not for long) and this is one of them. It has been overlooked in the past by the old Lake and Parks Police (now defunct) but its an all new ballgame out there now. I know half the guys on the new patrol out there and they are avid hunters and guides and they are taking our natural resources out the to heart.
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