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Originally Posted by M.E.B. View Post
He was Fred Bear's bowyer.

I thought the same about the cat. As punishment or as meat replenishment.
Yep. Nels was the first bowyer hired by Fred Bear, in 1938. Before Nels was hired Bear did not have bows in his product line. The bows built by Nels were stamped (in early years) or signed by Nels Grumley. He designed several bows including a static recurve. Many collectors consider Nels to be one of the greatest American bowyers. Nels left the company in 1948, despite Fred offering substantial financial inducements for him to stay. The reason Nels left was because Bear was going to start using machines to build bows and Nels felt bows should be built by hand. Sadly, he stayed in the bow business only a couple of years after leaving Bear.
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