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Don't tell all the animals i killed with 168 amax out of a 308 that amax is not a hunting bullet. They are going to be ******.

Weight retention does tend to be poor. But I'm in the business of making stuff dead, not making bullets come out whole. I shot a an aoudad at 533 yards and the copper jacket was just under the skin on the off side. I think it had a small amount of lead in the rear end of the jacket. Exit holes are good but not needed when you watch stuff tip over. I'm a fan of maximum energy transfer. I'm not arguing that there are better choices fore a hunting bullet. But I am saying that they have worked very well as a hunting bullet for me for deer, pigs, yotes, and aoudad. I can't remember having to trail anything shot with them.
Bonded bullets do very well on big large animals, especially shoulder shots. Big animals need to have their running gear taken away from them and a solid or bonded bullet is designed for this. Thin skinned animals can be killed with fragmenting bullets, I had to learn this the hard way.
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