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Default Everything Concealed Carry

What is the most comfortable position to carry in?

4 oíclock is my preferred carry position in a kydex holster

What do you carry?

Glock 23

Single stack vs double stack does it really make a difference printing wise?

Double stack all day every day. I like having 14 rounds in the pistol, plus 13 more in an extra mag. Iíve never had a single stack so I donít contest to how they carry, but Iíll stick with double

What are the rookie mistakes I should avoid?

Donít worry so much about printing. No one cares or pays attention, except for other concealed carriers.

and any other helpful hint would be great

Carry as big of pistol as you can comfortably carry!!!! No sense in carrying a small single stack 9mm that holds 6 round when ya can go slightly bigger and have something much more capable -in my opinion. But itís better than nothing either way. I carry an extra mag everywhere I go, so 27 rounds total. Never know...

Also- buy a QUALITY holster. Some arenít cheap. Youíll have to decided which style you like best, al kydex, hybrid and all leather. I love all kydex. But seriously- a quality holster is much much safer and comfortable than a cheap universal holster. Sometimes it takes buying a few to find out what you like the best.

FYI- Iím not knocking anyone carrying a small pistol, I just personally think most that do would be much better suited carrying slightly bigger.

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