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Originally Posted by DapperDan View Post
Yeah, Iím past tolerating that crap and my dad is too old to deal with it. In fact heís in the hospital right now bc he got ran over by a 1500 pound brangus this morning. She came around the corner and he couldnít get out of the way so he now has 4 broken ribs, two small hernias, and a partial collapse of his upper left lung: yeah, Iím over him dealing with stupid animals. Worse part is it wasnít his cow. He was working cows with a friend of his and was at the wrong place at the wrong time and isnít as fast getting out of the way as he used to be.

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Yea my buddy is 73 and selling all his stock. Going to buy calfs and fatten them up and sell them. No more adults.........
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