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Default This should teach him....

After spending the last several weekends building new net wire fence with two strands of barbed wire across the back of my dads place to keep his bull in, I have had enough and at my wits end..... I donít understand why we always have to have a bull that wonít stay home. He has more then enough cows to keep him busy and hasnít been in with them for long enough to breed all of them yet he canít help himself to some strange....

Unfortunately this bull is a jumper and 5.5 foot of fence isnít enough. Well, Iím not rebuilding, oh no.... just bought a solar powered fence charger. The biggest I could find. And although it will run 30 miles of fence, it will be pumping some heavy juice through 600 yards of fence. This just happens to be the fence that separates him and the fluzys across from him.... maybe it will hit him hard enough to take a little hide off his nose when he sticks his head into it...

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