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Originally Posted by Snowflake Killa View Post
From what I've heard they are stealing them for parts.
Idk where you read that but they ainít being stolen for parts. Fords are being hit for being used a drug or illegal hauler. Usually the back seat is removed to load more into the truck and then they just haul arse to somewhere and dump the truck if not caught.

Originally Posted by SabreKiller View Post
I've heard about the issues there as well as LaCantera. I've been wanting to go to Bass Pro, but afraid too. My new F250 only has 1600 miles on it and I don't want it to get jacked.
Yes you have heard right. I live not far from the rim and have been hit 4 times this year already. Most vehicle break-Ins are juveniles and stolen vehicles are drug/alien runners. The cops say that most stolen vehicles will be dropped off o the East or south side of San Antonio, sit for 2-4 days in a parking lot and Iíd still there when the thieves return, it will transported to the border for use until dumped again.

Originally Posted by 8mpg View Post
If mines stolen...I'll let the insurance buy me another.
Too bad the insurance company will give you the run around or screw you if the vehicle is found. Dealing with mine now for just a break-in. Like pulling teeth
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