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Default Freckles the Free Bird Dog

John Shelley

A few weeks ago, my wife and I decided to give in and get my daughter a dog. She had wanted her own for ages. So, off to the local animal shelter we go and pick out Freckles the free bird dog. Wow, what a deal – a free bird dog! Well, not exactly. $62 for neutering and vaccinations and then we get the free dog. But before we go home, we have to stop by Wal-Mart and get a new collar, leash, food bowl and dog house - $150! But the daughter is so happy.

After a few days in his new home, Freckles starts this digging out thing. He and our other dog flew the coop a few times but we or the neighbors managed to find them and bring them home. So, to solve the problem, I dig a trench around the entire perimeter of the yard and bury hog wire to keep them from digging out. $150! But the daughter is so happy.

Problem solved, right? Wrong – now he starts to climb over the 6 foot privacy fence! This dog is getting on my nerves! So, off to Wal-Mart I go again to get a harness and a dog run cable. $25! But he’s a good dog and the daughter is so happy.

Okay, surely this will solve the problem! Wrong again! Two days later he chews his harness off. I actually figured it was the other dog that chewed it off him to try and spring him. So, off to Wal-Mart one more time for another harness! $9!

Two days later – he’s chewed it off again! Now, I ain’t got time for this! I gotta get to the deer lease for the weekend. So, I built a makeshift harness from some dog chain and put it on him and headed off for the weekend. But at least the daughter is happy.

When I got back home on Sunday, the kids said they thought Freckles was sick. Said he was just laying around and not playing. This is very unusual as he is normally a live wire! So, I went out back to check him out and found about a foot of string hanging out of his – ummmmm – “vent”! I tried to pull it out, but he would have no part of that!

Next morning, I load him up and take him to the vet. Well, one surgery and $647 later, Freckles the free bird dog is back home recovering nicely. And what did the vet find in his stomach? The remains of a $9 harness!

Don’t let anyone give you a free bird dog. They’re much too expensive.

But at least the daughter is happy!
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