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Originally Posted by Deuce16 View Post
In overtime, start the kickers on the 30 yardline and add 5 yds each time. Play it like knockout! First one to miss and the other one to make it, WINS.
Or line the QBs up and see who can throw the farthest.
Make it about defense, line the Dline up and have a foot race while dragging the other teams QB from a rope.
Have the Head Coaches play Rock Paper Scissors
Its a game folks, someone has to win and some has to lose. There is NO perfect answer to give everyone the same fighting chance. They'll always be the edge to one team or the other. What if the team the deferred the opening toss, got one less possession than the other team due to the LUCK of the first coin flip and they scored TDs on every possession? "Well they got the ball more than we did...."
If both teams get a chance, one teams offense is going to rest or the other teams defense until they get their turn on the field.
Losers will always have an excuse. But I will say the officiating was more than terrible for both games and hope they get reprimanded for their lack of doing their job. Theres no way that there was less than 3 officials looking at that PI play on the Saints Rams game, and NONE of them thought is was a penalty? Seriously? There has to be some consequences that come out of these two games on the officiating side.

Why not rock, paper, scissors best 2 out of 3.
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