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Originally Posted by TheHammer View Post
Iíd usually agree with you, but not here. To say they canít get a stop so they deserve to lose, I donít agree with. The Pats didnít get a stop 4 times in that game, but they still won. I know, I know you just have to get a stop when it counts, but a lot of things can happen on one drive. A player gets tripped up, one missed call. Although now that Iím talking about it, I see the part I do agree with. I like the sudden death type feel it has. Backs are against the wall, make a stop or go to the house. I do agree with the concept of it. I just think, giving the other team a chance to counter will prove that either team on any given drive can give up a TD. That way, the team your saying that deserves to lose, it just wonít have anything to do with a coin toss.

They do give the team a chance to counter as long as they can hold them to a FG or make them punt. Again if you canít keep them out of the endzone you deserved to lose. See the Rams-Saints OT for a example of a counter and it working
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