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Originally Posted by Space Ghost View Post
Does anyone "hand corn" when they go hunting? I might give it a try soon. If you do any tips would be great.
One other tip. When people say they "hand corn" it has more than just 1 meaning/method.

1) Dump a 50# bag or more in a pile in location that you think is a "good spot". You can hunt the spot within a day or so. You can put up a camera or something to see what comes by. Folks do this a lot to test a spot or a property for activity. You could keep refreshing the spot over and over and essentially keep the corn train going, but a lot of folks will just eventually put a feeder in that spot if it is good. But not always, everybody is different.

2) Dump a 50# bag under a feeder. The hail-mary of trying to keep critters at YOUR feeder and not somebody elses. You are trying to train them to change their pattern and come to yours.

3) Put a "small" amount... like a ziplock bag full +/- to put in a high traffic area like a trail or an existing feeder to get the deer to come to a certain spot in that area. If on a trail, it is a good way to get the deer to stop and stick around until you get a good shot.

I have used variations of all three of these.

When setting up a new spot "off feeder" I have dumped a bag of corn, setup a cam, and checked to see what was coming in. I then revisited and throw down a small amount before getting up into the stand.

Our rifle blinds at 100 yards from the feeder. However my son isn't a crack shot off of sticks past 70 yards... so I go out and throw corn halfway between the blind and the feeder at the beginning of the weekend. He has taken both of his deer off the hand corn at 50 yards.

Both my trad deer have been at a location where there wasn't a good place to put a bow blind close to the feeder (aka manmade, metal, automatic food plot) so I put it as close as I could and I throw down corn 12 yards from it... between it and the feeder pen. Often times the deer prefer to come to that corn than the feeder itself.

That was a really long winded explanation... but I find that when some folks say they "hand corn" it just means they don't use a feeder... whereas even if you use a feeder... hand corning specific spots is a really useful tactic that can drive up your chances on getting the deer close.
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