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I don't have a problem with running dogs, even though it doesn't align with my personal hunting ethics. Neither does using bait or hunting over a feeder, so I just choose not to do it. I do appreciate the tradition and realize it brings back lots of good memories, especially as a "once a year" thing.

It does make me a little sick seeing a pickup truck with 12-14 dead deer in the back from a single morning's hunt. Killing almost every deer on a piece of property with regularity isn't sustainable.

What most people don't seem to realize is that you don't have to shoot every deer that is jumped. I understand 100 years ago in Arkansas, they needed to put food on the table however they could.

I don't even expect to see a deer on every single hunt, and I typically pass up half a dozen or more because they aren't what I want to shoot.

Have a dozen guys go run dogs for the fun and tradition of it, and shoot three deer. Let a kid take his first one, let somebody really wanting some meat shoot one, and take one nice buck if given the chance.
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