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Originally Posted by TexasArchery_27 View Post
Lol, you got your old condescending panties in a wad when I went after your what you feel is a time honored tradition because you're emotionally attached to those memories. Now you're making an excuse for your own laziness and even trying to belittle me as if that puts you higher on the pedestal.

If you haven't noticed, this is a public forum with the opportunity for many eyes to see and would be an excellent opportunity for you to educate the viewers on the ins/outs of using dogs as a method of hunting. Don't get so offended at an opposing opinion on this controversial method, especially when the opinion is warranted (whether it be for or against)
You know sonny boy, you are sure good at using big words and putting them together in a real blather. You see, you don't get it. I don't care one bit what you think. You began your post by knocking the sport and you gave totally unfounded opinions about the hunting with dogs being unfair and unsuccessful. Your ignorance is evident. You even prefaced your ridiculous statement by placing hunting in quotation marks as if to convey your belief that hunting deer with dogs is not hunting... further demonstrating your ignorance. After your baseless opinions of how unsuccessful you had determined this type of hunting would be, then you offered up the assumption that to hunt this way would only be OK if it were in a time of great need and famine... IF it is so unsuccessful, why would it be a good way to hunt in a time of famine... by your own opinion that would seem to be a total waste of valuable time and energy and resources...

Your initial post has no questions or requests for information in it. Your initial post was meant to belittle, and create a negative thought of the OP's request. You only asked questions after your ignorance was called out. Your sincerity is about as false as can be. I was not addressing YOU in my posts. I was countering your totally false and negative statements in your ORIGINAL post. My posts were directed to the OP. I was not and am still not interested in addressing any of your questions, because you clearly have no intention of "learning" anything. Again, my posts other than this one were directed to the OP. Your posts are not worthy of attention and I will not address them or you further.

Maybe some day you will use all your "smarts" and apparent education to gain wisdom but you sure have some maturing to do boy.
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