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Originally Posted by Razorback01 View Post
IMO, it's all up to the shooter, doesn't matter what equipment- if it's a bad shot, it's a bad shot.
I agree. That's why I am not hunting with my bow this year. Don't want to use it untill confident with placement to 40 yards. I do have a shoulder injury (4 plts and 16 screws) so if medical permit required, probily could get one, but bows are funner. Bought the Deploy after shooting my 7yr olds recurve with her one night for about 3 hrs. Bought her an Apprentice, and hopefully will get her out there with me in a few years. I'm fairly new to deer and hog hunting, but I've done homework, and a little scouting of a few spots. The tree I picked wasn't in H7, just was curious. I know about Lake X and Y.....and plan to get my first deer this season to shut my wife up on all the money I've spent on hunting stuff...
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