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Default ***Bownanza, the day of....

We are only days away and I can hardly believe the weather rain this year!!!

Address reminder....

Veterans Park and Athletic Complex.
3101 Harvey Rd. (Hwy. 30)
College Station

-Name tags
  • Please make your first stop at the Name tag table and be sure to thank Bob and the LSBA for their continual efforts to help introduce everyone with the great name tags he puts together for us year after year.

- Merchandise....I usually try to be set up around 9.
  • Once I arrive, it will take me about 20-30 minutes to get everything set and in order. I don't mean to be rude...but will not answer any questions while we work to get organized and ready for everyone. So...please just wait until we are a "Go"...then ask away
  • It is most appreciated if you will come get your Nanza shirt before 11:30. (Pretty Please).
  • I will have ALL other Merchandise with me...including a couple new things. And additionally, some items that will be on a "One Day" Sale.
  • If you are wanting to save the shipping costs, now is the time to purchase.
  • All prices given will include tax.

-Team Necessities....
  • Fire Extinguisher
    If you are cooking with fire, don't forget your Team's fire extinguisher.
  • Trash Bags. There is a dumpster on the side of the Pavilion. Please be sure to haul your bags to the dumpster before the end of day.

-No glass containers in the park.

-Dogs....we ask that you do not bring your dogs as we have hundreds of people who have said they will be there....and many of those are kiddos. Dogs can be unpredictable in crowds and we don't want anyone to get bit. will not be serving, or supplying, any alcohol.
You may bring your own, but if you drink, please drink responsibly.

Remember, YOU are representing at this event and at the hotel.

Travel safe.....Can't wait to see everyone!
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