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Default Pig Down (Warning Graphic Photos)

So my buddy and I went to the stand last night to trying and get a double tap recorded. "Double Tap" shoot on the count of 3,2,Shoot...

It was very successful to say the least. The funny part is at full draw we were having a whispering conversation about which pig we had picked out.
As darkness approached quickly he flipped on the green light and we let them fly. The pig that was shot fell over dead in her tracks gave a long squeal and that was it. The pig dropped right in front of the game camera. So I will attach a picture where you can see both arrows in the picture with dust flying.

I was not able to perform a live hunt or even a "Swig-Time" photo because my Tapatalk will not function properly without WIFI...

Needless to say during all the action we were not able to record the shots.

It was a great time to be in the woods making memories with a good friend!

Swig Time

Black hog down!


Double Tap

Blurry 22yds.

Game Camera

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