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On Friday, March 9, at 7:00am, I had a slab and 10 pipes sticking up out of it.
By 10:30 that morning, we had all 5 trusses up and welded in and we started welding the perlins in. The perlins took us the rest of the day Friday and a good part of Saturday.

Fortunately we had a lift truck to fly the trusses up with. As you can probably tell by the pictures, I went heavy duty on them and I figured they were around 800# each. According to the scale on the lift truck, they were just over 1,000# each.

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I'm very fortunate to have had my dad there to help out. 2 years ago, he was hit with stage 3 colon cancer. Today, you can't hardly tell that he ever had anything wrong with him.
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Yes, I am fully aware that we broke a couple of safety rules. It sure was nice to be able to just get stuff done at the house VS having to go through what we go through at work to get things done!

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