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It is definitely some hard hunting. The first time I went up there two years ago, I planned to go for a whole week to give me time to learn the place and try to understand the deer some. Never hunted mule deer. They are very different from whitetail. My plans to go for a week around Thanksgiving got screwed up, then the week after Thanksgiving got screwed up and it got down to the last weekend of mule deer season. I was ****** off. So said screw it and took off anyway, drove 12 hours up there. Got there on a Friday night about 12:30, camped out, really had no idea what the place looked like. Got up the next day, it was down in the 20s, frost all over everything, did not realize how cold it was, till I realized I could not feel my fingers when trying to load up all of my gear to head out. They had had a blizzard up there the week before, a lot of people had gotten stranded. There was still snow on the ground, on the north sides of the hills.

I hiked about 14 miles that first day, saw absolutely nothing other than other hunters. I saw a lot of coyote tracks, two A holes on horses, everywhere I went. turns out they were from a ranch next door and spent the whole day riding up and down every canyon, gulley trying to run the deer out of there. Late that afternoon, I saw them go through a gate and back to a neighboring ranch.
Some areas looked had a lot of coyote activity, but I never saw one, I heard a bunch when the sun came up. I jumped a bunch of large coveys of quail. Not a single deer.
Then I got up Sunday morning, the last day of mule deer season and decided to try another spot. Went out found a six point following a group of doe, I shot him at about 175 yards. Gutted him, loaded him up in the truck and went home. One day was hard hunting and saw nothing, the next, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.
I went back last year, spent about four days up there. I think I saw one mule deer, pretty **** sure I saw one big mule deer. But at the time, I was not sure, it was bedded down and would have been extremely hard to get closer to where the deer was, without it taking off and me having absolutely no shot at it. So I decided it was not a mule deer. But I went back to the same spot the next morning and there was nothing in the same spot. I saw lots of coyotes on the second trip and then quite a few quail.
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