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Originally Posted by CEO View Post
I don't think I've known anyone with a free hunting spot that did more hunting than worrying. I would tell FIL, hey I'd love to go down and help work but I thought this new guy that took my hunting spot had everything handled.
I agree, i hunted my current lease for free for 15 years and i rarely shot anything because i was worried id somehow ruin this free spot. I finally told them that when the paid hunters on the other side of the ranch got off id be more than willing to lease it. My hunting has been more enjoyable since.( 12 years)
My FIL has almost 2000 acres in east Tx i can hunt anytime i want. And in 14 years i have hunted about 7-10 days total. Just dont like the idea of somehow pizzing him or my brother in law off.......which would be almost impossible
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