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Originally Posted by Lostacresranch View Post
That won't happen. And I don't expect it to happen. I haven't noticed that a lot when posters are proven to be wrong... What I HAVE noticed, is that intelligent people, with obvious google skills, will post something they already know is not completely true, but omit all the info to try and prove THIER point. And on almost every occasion, they get away with it, because no one will point out that intentional omission.
What are we debating here?
The us govt never banned hunting in Africa.
It banned bringing home the trophy.
That's why the hunting community has been in an uproar.
Let's stay on topic.

End of the day Trump is keeping an Obama order in tact and that is to ban the importation of foreign big game trophys.

Why the argument?

You still can't bring that lion or elephant you shot in Zim home.

Somewhere we got lost on semantics.
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