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Originally Posted by TXHunter12 View Post
Trump has voices of reasons from his sons who have been big game hunters. But how does he avoid being the elephant killer?
We live in a time when even meat eaters think their steaks come in plastic wrap from HEB.
Also even hunters are not hard line supporters for big game hunting for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest is that itís a big money sport and most will never in their lifetime even participate.
Excellent points and dang true, I don't have the full answer but I do have a starting point.
Education is the answer on the first one. The larger conservation/hunting groups are now talking to each other..........which is far different from 6/7/8 or so years ago. Even the NRA is partnering with the larger conservation/hunting groups to get the messages out.
Hunters NOT supporting hunters is a very short sighted view from conversations I have had. Just like folks say, "crap rolls downhill!" Be keenly aware, once any type of LEGAL hunting is outlawed be sure the next target is going to be ELK, DEER, etc.............all the way down to rabbit, racoon & squirrel hunters. It will NOT stop at the so-called big game hunters with lots of perceived spare cash under the mattress. I am far from wealthy but I set a goal as a pre-teen that one day I would participate in all types of hunting. I still recall standing with a single shot Savage .410 in my hand as a child listening to the beagles running a rabbit while day-dreaming about hunting around the world one day like the stories in Outdoor Life magazine. If we as hunters don't come together, we will surely watch our favorite activity slowly geaux away!
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